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vendredi 12 octobre 2018

Pour les TL et TS - ASTROTURFING (Principalement pour Idea of Progress ou Places and Forms of Power)

Voici les documents que je vous ai donnés en photocopie. Certains sont en couleur, si vous voulez les imprimer.






Voici quelques liens qui vont permettront de vous informer plus complétement et de trouver des examples.


10 Fake Grassroots Movements Started By Corporations To Sway Your Opinion

Grassroots movements are so powerful because they reflect the will of the people. There's no filter, and no ulterior motive: just a natural, independent effort to force change. In the last few years, politicians and businessmen have recognized this, and have tried to harness that power by any means - even if it's fabricated.


What is astroturfing? What are examples of companies that have used that practice?

Answer (1 of 3): Thanks for asking. Astroturfing is the process of making organized, top-down actions look like something's that's grassroots. People are supposed to think the community is for something while it's really The Man pulling the strings. Astroturf - RationalWiki gives a lot of examp...


John Oliver Fights Astroturfing on 'Last Week Tonight'

Astroturfing is when corporations or organization try to make it seem as though whatever they are selling is part of a grassroots movement

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samedi 8 septembre 2018

TL / TES - Quelques documents et liens utiles pour les épreuve du BAC.

Voici le lien vers les épreuves du BAC :




Et, en rappel, voici les fiches synthétiques des 4 notions.










En gusie d'aide et d'exemple, voici quelques documents utiles sur la notion d'Espaces et Echanges.




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